Automatic 1-Click Maintenance

Automatic 1-Click Maintenance is a function of WinUtilities that allows you to quickly maintain your PC automatically. 1-Click Maintenance does justice to its name. As soon as you start the 1-Click Maintenance, it scans your registry and your hard drive automatically for unneeded entries and files. A status window is displayed during the scan to keep you informed of its progress. And when the scan is finished, WinUtilities will automatically get rid of the unneeded junk files.


With WinUtilities PRO 1-Click Maintenance feature, you can optimize, clean and speed up your system performance with a single click! you also can schedule it to run regularly to keep your system clean and without interrupting your work. 1-Click Maintenance will do the following:

Basic Maintenance Advanced Maintenance
Empty system clipboard data
Empty recycle-bin entries
Clean Internet temp files
Clean Windows temp files
Clean Internet cookies entries
Clean Internet auto-complete forms data
Clean Internet auto-complete password data
Clean recent document history
Analyses and removes junk data from your disks automatically
Analyses and repairs invalid registry entries and errors automatically
Analyses and erases online activity tracks automatically
Analyses and defragments disk drives automatically
Analyses and defragments registry automatically

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Automatic 1-Click Maintenance

To schedule the 1-Click Maintenance, you just need to check the "Start 1-Click Maintenance at a scheduled time" option, then you can config your schedules.

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