Now, WinUtilities Registry Cleaner will shows a list that indicate the errors that been found in Windows Registry, Click Next button to have WinUtilities Registry Cleaner do its job - correcting all of the problems that were found.
First, a window indicates how many problems were selected for correction. It also informs you that all changes can be undone with WinUtilities Registry Cleaner if necessary. Click Next to clean up your system.
A progress bar indicates how far WinUtilities Registry Cleaner is with its work. The module corrects all problems one after the other and makes sure that unneeded entries and keys are removed. Please wait until the clean-up is finished.
Once the module is finished, a message is displayed to tell you that all problems have been corrected.
Finishing clean-up

Click Finish to close the wizard. Repeat the clean-up process as often as necessary until no new problems are found. You can now close the module, with the confidence that you have removed a great deal of junk from your system.
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