Duplicate File Finder - Introduction

 Duplicate Files as the name suggests are files with same name, same size, same time. Your system may have many duplicate file that use your precious disk space. These duplicate files not only occupy your disk space but also make your system's file access rate slow. Duplicate references are the major cause of human and program error. You can use the WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder module to find and remove the duplicate files.

WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder helps you to free disk space by finding and removing duplicate files from your system.

It has Wizard link interface consisting of steps:


    Select Drive to be scanned

    Define the search criteria

    Skip Folders from search

    Search Disk Drives

    Sorting Duplicate Files

    Deletion of Duplicates

Removal of duplicate files from your system will organize your data and will increase your system speed as it has now to scan lesser files.

Duplicate file Finder should be used:

    Every Day

    Whenever you are free as it takes very less time

    When new software are installed or uninstalled.

We recommend that to use WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder module:

    Once a month.
    When a software is uninstalled.
    Whenever you feel that your hard disk space is shrinking

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