Duplicate File Finder - Usage

WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder has an easy navigation process step which helps you to find and remove duplicate files from your system step by step.
Step One: Select Drives or Folders
Under this step you have to select the drives you wish to scan for duplicate files. You will be displayed the drive name, total space and total free space of all the individual drives present on your system.
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Step Two: Select File type and match criteria
Under these option you have a choice to set criteria for the duplicate file search. You can also search duplicate files of a particular format by selecting individual file formats under "Only search for most common files" option or can scan files of all formats under "Scan All Files" option.
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Step Three: Skip Folders from Search
You can customize the search process by excluding certain folders from search. You can skip folders from being scanned for duplicate file just by clicking "Add" button, browse the folder. The selected folder will be added to the skipped folders list and will not be considered for search. You can always remove a skipped folder by selecting the folder and pressing the "Remove" button.
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Step Four: Scanning Process
Under this step all the duplicate files on your system will be searched relating to the criteria you selected (in Step Two). The progress of the scanning process will be displayed at the bottom via a progress bar. When the scanning process has reached 100% you can move to the next step. 
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Step Five: Sorting the Files
Under this step all the duplicate files will be sorted automatically for your viewing. As soon as the sorting is over you will be shown the summary report. Click "Show Duplicate Files" button to view a sorted list of all the duplicate files found under the scanning process. Select the junk files displayed which you want to remove from your system. You can open a file, see its properties and can also explore the path where the selected file is located.
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Step Six: Cleaning Options
Under this option you get various options to delete the selected duplicate files from your system. You can take a backup of the files, you can move the deleted files to recycle bin, and you can move all the files to a special folder.
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All the junk files will be removed from your system (as per option specified in Cleaning Options).
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