File Splitter - Usage

WinUtilities File Splitter is very easy to use. On the main screen you can select an action to split a file or merge the ripped units.

  • Split a file by size
  • Split a file by number
  • Split a file by segment
  • Merge the ripped units of the file

    Splitting Files:

    To split a file, click the Split a file by size,  Split a file by number, or Split a file by segment button and select the file to be split and the destination where you want to save the split files. Press Start splitting button and you will see the file information along with the number of spit files to be created.

    Joining Files:

    To Join a file click the Merge the ripped units of the file button and browse the first split file whose name starts from '1' then select the destination where the merged file is to be saved.

    Enabling Option Remove the batch file after merge will remove the split files after merging.

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