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Windows XP or one of its predecessors are installed on most computers in use around the world. Windows is an excellent operating system for standard tasks such as working with applications and managing files. But things aren't so simple when a user wants to customize, optimize or streamline the system - ease of use is quickly forgotten here, and many things cannot be done at all with the tools that come with the operating system.
But everything is possible. Windows controls the programs that are loaded when it starts up. Windows specifies which commands can be seen in the Start menu. Windows also controls how the icons on your desktop look. But how can a user change these settings?
Nearly everything can be changed - if you know where and how.

It's all easy, says the expert. All of the parameters are hidden in the boot files and the Windows registry. The registry is the central database for the operating system and is used by your applications and hardware modules to save their current configurations. With the help of suitable editors, you can open this special database and manipulate all of the system's parameters. The problem is that only experienced experts know where to find the pertinent parameters among the myriad cryptic entries in the database. Most users have no idea what they are looking at when they open the registry.
WinUtilities - your personal Windows expert

This is where WinUtilities comes in. This software helps normal users and experts alike to better adapt Windows to their needs and tastes. All important system options are explained clearly and can be enabled or disabled with a click of your mouse in many different modules. WinUtilities takes care of changing the corresponding parameter in the registry or in the boot files.
WinUtilities is not only about making Windows more attractive. It can also be used to optimize or clean up the system with a single mouse click, removing unneeded files from your hard drive and deleting superfluous entries from your registry. And all configurations are optimized so that Windows runs noticeably faster than before.
Automatic adaptation to your operating system

To make all of this possible, WinUtilities delves deeply into the Windows operating system. But Windows itself changes significantly from version to version. For this reason, our software adapts automatically to all supported Windows versions. As a user, you normally do not notice this and can simply use the software and all of its features.
The Start Center

All Utilities modules can be accessed through the common Start Center.

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