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The Structure of WinUtilities

WinUtilities consists of a number of useful modules that can be accessed through a common graphical Start Center. This center is divided into six categories to make it easier to find individual modules.
The modules of the selected category are shown on the right side of the window in the form of white buttons. You can start a module by clicking the corresponding button. When you have finished working with a module, simply click the red [X] in the upper right corner to close it and return to the Start Center.
The six categories

WinUtilities has three power cleaning programs to protect your system. The Disk Cleaner safely gets rid of unnecessary files that accumulate on your hard drive and slow down your system. The Registry Cleaner lets you safely remove invalid entries, speeding up Windows' internal engine, and making your computer more stable. The History Cleaner erases all of your cookies and other Internet tracks, so nobody will be able to see which web sites you have visited. All of these cleaners can run automatically on a regular basis, using WinUtilities' built-in Task Scheduler.
The program includes three system optimizers that will help your system run quicker and more trouble-free. The Duplicate File Finder identifies and removes redundant files from your drives. The Shortcuts Fixer finds and eliminates obsolete shortcuts that point to programs that you've uninstalled. The Memory Optimizer tweaks Windows' "one size fits all" factory settings, and personalizes your computer to run more efficiently for the type of computing that you do each day.
WinUtilities has four systems control programs to make your system more efficient and safe. The System Control gives you a single place where you can adjust all of your Windows settings. The BHO remover lets you get rid of the browser help objects that so many companies have installed on your system, with or without your permission. The Startup Cleaner makes it easy to manage programs that begin execution at Windows startup, ensuring that you're not running unnecessary programs that could slow down your system, or viruses that could stop it completely. The Auto Shutdown scheduler lets you turn off your work or home computer at specified times.
The program has four system tools that make it easier to manage Windows. The Process Manager lets you identify and shut down currently running programs, including Trojans and viruses. The Uninstall Manager lets you completely and safely uninstall programs that you no longer use. The System Information program provides comprehensive information about your computer, making it easier to upgrade your hardware and software. The Windows Tools program is an easy way to launch Windows' built-in tools.
WinUtilities has two registry tools that provide an additional level of safety for Windows' central control file. The Registry Backup program lets you make backups, and restore your registry if it becomes corrupt. The Registry Search program allows power users to perform comprehensive searches for registry entries.
The program has three file tools that add convenience and safety to your computing. The File Shredder lets you delete files so that they can never be recovered, even by experts. The File Splitter lets you split any file into smaller pieces, allowing you to make backups of enormous files, and to move huge files from one computer to another. The EXE Protector lets you assign a password to any program file, keeping your kids out of your spreadsheet program, and your colleagues out of your checkbook program.

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