BHO Remover - Usage


BHOs (Browser Help Objects) are software that put a toolbar on Internet Explorer or otherwise integrates other software into it. Many (Acrobat Reader, Google Toolbar) are desirable. However, spyware companies also install BHOs on your computer. These can be difficult to remove. BHO Remover lists the BHOs that are currently installed. You can then remove those you don't want to keep.


Select a BHO object from list, then righ-click your mouse, the options menu will pop-up:

  • Enable - Enable a BHO object
  • Disable - Disable a BHO object
  • Remove - Remove a BHO object from the Windows Registry
  • Jump to Registry - Call the 'Regedit.exe' utility, then find the Registry Key or Value in the Registry Editor.
  • Detailed Information - Display the detailed information about the BHO object, you can explore it or search the information via internet search engine.
  • Refresh - Refresh BHO list
To remove any questionable BHOs, follow the below steps:
  • Run this module
  • Select a BHO object from list
  • Click Remove button from main window
  • Confirmation your operation
  • Finish
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