Disk Defrag - Introduction

There are many reasons why, over time, a computer runs noticeably slower. One of them is the gradual fragmentation of the hard disk. You can picture it like this: Each new file is stored on an empty disk in one piece immediately after the previous one. When Windows requests a file, the read head only needs to move once to be able to read the entire file in one operation.
If an application deletes a file from the middle, it leaves a gap. Windows uses this gap later to store the next new file on the disk. If, however, the space available in this gap isn't big enough for the new file, Windows breaks the file into two pieces and puts the second piece somewhere else that's free. Over time, more and more gaps are created and more and more new or modified files are stored  in more and more fragments. This causes a considerable slowdown in computer performance: The disk's read head must repeatedly be moved to read in each of the file fragments. Where previously one or two revolutions of the hard disk were sufficient to read the data into memory, now perhaps ten or a hundred times as may revolutions are needed.
WinUtilities DiskDefrag is carried out to restore the optimal condition of the hard disk. The software intelligently defragments and organizes the disk in such a way that all of the files are once again positioned one after the other on the disk, thus making it faster to read. WinUtilities DiskDefrag is particularly clever in the way it determines the order of the newly sorted files. System files that are needed often, for example, are placed at the beginning of the disk so that Windows can access them even quicker than would be possible on a disk defragmented in the normal way. It is clear, of course, that this kind of defragmentation takes a little longer than simply putting file fragments together. For this reason, WinUtilities DiskDefrag is run with very low priority so that you can continue working undisturbed. Once completed, the process significantly speeds up Windows startup. Frequently used programs start up quicker. This again noticeably improves Windows performance.
Another advantage of WinUtilities DiskDefrag is automatic scheduling:
You don't have to worry about it anymore, because WinUtilities DiskDefrag takes care of it automatically as part of the regular weekly WinUtilities 1-Click Maintenance. You are always on the safe side and have an efficient computer.
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