Tip: NTFS is better than FAT

Hard disks can either use the NTFS file system, as used in the most recent versions of Windows, or the older FAT system that is supported by earlier Windows versions. Analysis of drives before defragmentation is substantially faster on NTFS drives. For FAT systems, the user will need to wait significantly longer. This is just one of several reasons that the old FAT system should be converted to the modern NTFS system.
The NTFS file system (NTFS = New Technology File System) is a file system used from Windows NT and its successors up to Vista. It offers an intelligently devised access protection to file levels, allows flexible management of privileges, accommodates file sizes above 4 GB, offers automatic error correction of the file system and can utilize the storage space of today's standard hard disk sizes in a considerably more efficient manner.
Conversion can be performed very easily. In Windows, click Start, open All Programs, navigate to Accessories and click on Command Prompt. The command CONVERT.EXE C: /FS:NTFS starts the conversion. Replace C: with another drive letter to convert another partition. If the system partition is changed, the computer will need to be restarted. In this case, follow the instructions on your screen. Although conversion is considered very secure, you should make a backup of your saved data before attempting this.
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