Disk Defrag - Usage

WinUtilities DiskDefrag startup screen shows you all available hard disk drives and their drive letters. The program initially selects all drives for analysis. You can deselect individual drives with the mouse.
Then, you can click 'Defrag' button on the main screen to start defragmentation, the module will then analyze and defragment the selected drives.
The program shows the current drive usage map for the hard disk partition in question as long as any drive is still being defragmented. The drive usage map is shown in real time, which allows you to watch as WinUtilities DiskDefrag makes visible progress.
A progress bar at the bottom right shows the current phase progress for the drive. Click Stop to stop the process at any time.
To schedule WinUtilities DiskDefrag run at a special time, you can select WinUtilities -> Scheduled Tasks to configure.
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