Memory Optimizer - Usage

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer module configures itself according to your system requirements. Within minutes it will activate unused resources of your Windows system.

As soon as you start WinUtilities Memory Optimizer module it will minimize itself to the system tray by clicking minimize button and will start optimization of memory automatically.

Memory Optimizer's Welcome screen will display you four options:

  • Memory Information
  • CPU Information
  • Optimize Settings
  • Program Settings

Step One:

Memory Information: This feature will display your system's memory position in a graphical way.

It will be displaying following details:

  • Total Memory
  • Available Memory
  • Total Used Memory
  • Total Page File
  • Used Page File

Step Two:

Optimize Settings: Under this feature you can enable or disable Auto Optimization, automatically optimize memory after it falls below a particular level and enable or disable auto-optimization option.

Step Three:

Program Settings: Under this feature you have three options.

  1. Manual Optimization: Set the amount of memory to be freed in manual optimization. Move the scroll bar to set the level of optimization. (You can set the recommended level by clicking link)
  2. Startup and optimization: With it you can set the launching of memory optimizer at window startup and free memory by clearing clipboard data.
  3. Memory Graph update speed: You can also set the updation rate of memory graph displayed in memory information.


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