Selecting the deletion method

You can select the deletion method in the Options dialog. WinUtilities File Shredder will save the settings and apply it to the deletion process automatically.

You can select one of the following methods:

  • Single Pass
  • DoD 5223-22M (3 Passes)
  • NSA (7 Passes)
  • Guttman (35 Passes)

Wipe Methods

  • The DoD 5223-22M File Deletion and Sanitization standard is the standard used for removing files in government agencies, as well as some military organizations. This method uses a variety of steps including overwriting the file many times with predefined binary patterns, then pseudo-random binary values, scrambling the file's date/time using randomly generated time patterns, renaming the file a random name and then deleting the file.
  • The Guttman method is an algorithm devised by Peter Gutman to totally erase the contents of a given section, such as a file on a drive, for security. This method uses an overwriting procedure of 35 passes with 27 random order passes using specific data combined with 8 passes using random data.
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