Build new plug-ins

WinUtilities History Cleaner supports you to create your own plug-ins. if you are a computer expert, you can easily build your own plug-in with our easy-to-use plug-in editor.
Opening Plug-in Editor

Select WinUtilities -> History Cleaner -> Plug-ins -> Create new plug-ins to open Plug-in Editor.
There are Conditions and  Actions section on the main window of Plug-in Editor:
The conditions are used to check the target application whether installed on the system. if the condition can not be met, the plug-in won't work on the system. You can click '+' to add a new condition.
The plug-in will do the listed actions step by step. you can select an action and click 'UP' or 'Down' button to change the order. or, click 'DEL' button to remove an action.
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