History Cleaner - Plug-ins

Did you know that many third party software keep track of recent user activities? Others can also see what files you have accessed, what picture you have viewed, what media you have played, and much more. Removing these stored activities will further help protect your privacy. With WinUtilities History Cleaner's free plug-ins, you can easily erase the tracks of popular applications. We currently offer more than 300 plug-ins which supports the most popular programs such as ACDSee, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, KaZaA Media Desktop, Morpheus, ICQ 2002, MSN Messenger, WinZip, PowerDVD, Real/RealOne Player, Media Player and many other applications. WinUtilities History Cleaner's plug-ins are files with .pl extensions containing lists of tasks WinUtilities History Cleaner will run on each plug-in.
Please Note: These plug-ins are configured to clean the specified utilities according to the DEFAULT INSTALLATION options of the utility to be cleaned. If you change the install paths or any other default settings of the utility, the plug-in may not work. This can be fixed by correcting the path of the plug-in file by opening it in Plugin Builder, NotePad or any other word processor and changing the path from the default to the path that you installed the utility into. Occasionally a program used a custom database format and cannot be cleaned. If this is the case, please e-mail to the manufacturer and ask them if it is possible to clean it. Manufacturers of software are often helpful and can tell you more about the program than you can discover yourself. Please note that though we have tested these plug-ins on our test systems, but we can not guarantee them will work on all systems. Due to the many various configurations for these third party programs, we cannot and do not provide any technical support for plug-ins.

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