System Information - Usage


Information is gathered and displayed in ten sections. The most important section is the Overview. This shows you the most important information for the most important devices. This shows you which processor is installed in the computer, the system RAM, the graphic card performance, the mouse being used and any available information regarding the disk drives.

The other tabs contain the following information:

List of sections




This section tells you exactly which Windows version is installed on your computer, when you last started your computer, and what version of Internet Explorer you are using.


All important information, including the supported display modes and the abilities of your monitor and graphics card can be found here.


This section shows the current usage of your memory and tells you which programs are currently running and how much memory they are using.


Here, you can view detailed information on your physical memory, the size of the paging file and the kernel. Three real-time graphs show the current processor usage, physical memory status and how much of your paging file is currently being used.


The module displays the hardware information and storage space usage for each of the drives in your computer. This tells you how much space is still available on your drives.

I/O Devices

All important ports, installed printers and audio devices are shown here.


The battery usage of your system. this information is only availble for your computer use the battery.

System Devices

Information on your processor and BIOS can be found here.


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